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The object of the research of our scientists is a multifaceted space. Our task is the study of space and create means to overcome cosmic distances. We develop a space station and communication devices, as well as modernizing the management tools in space. EVERY HOUR SPACE LTD really is an international company that lobiruet interests of many countries of the world. The company is working with the governments of 14 countries, whose aim is to contribute to the development of space and space technologies. Our activity is stable, because people always wanted to get beyond the limits of the possible. Therefore, space is something that will always attract people so the activity of space exploration is the most profitable.
5,25% в час в течение 20 часовМин. — 3,00Макс — 500,00
3,2% в час за 1 день 11 часовМин. — 10.00Макс — 1000,00
1,9% в час в течение 3 днейМин. — 25.00Макс — 2000,00
1,6% в час в течение 4 днейМин. — 50.00Макс. — 4000,00
1,2% в час в течение 6 днейМин. — 150.00Макс — 7000,00
0,8% ежечасно в течение 10 днейМин. — 300.00Макс — 10000,00
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